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Hi, I’m Greg Collette and I write the blog, about living with dialysis from the recipients’ viewpoint –  yours and mine.

Of all the things we fear when we start dialysis, our loss of freedom to travel where and when we like, is usually near the top of the list. Our new project is 30 freispiele ohne einzahlung.

But the news on that score is good.

Maybe 20 years ago, it was a little radical to travel across the country, much less across the world. But now, not only do patients expect to travel, so too do dialysis clinicians promote travel as an important part of each dialysis patient’s life. Do you like to try your luck? Go to our website and play free casino games online. Increased odds for winning!

Think of a country, region or city, and 9 time out of 10 there will be a dialysis unit there that will be able to cater for your needs during your stay. Sometimes the units are public (government run), sometimes private; often they are busy, so you’ll need to negotiate to get a seat, but most will welcome you with open arms.

The big question now is: how good is the dialysis where I want to go? Is it safe? Are the staff knowledgeable and capable? Will I have to wait long for my sessions, is the seat was comfortable, is there wireless? Will it be clean and attractive? Any chance of a nice meal? Credit or cash? And many more questions.

The best way to find out is to ask someone who has dialysed there. Someone who knows the ins and out of what dialysis patients worry about and expect.

Hence TravelDialysisReview.com: a community of people on dialysis, helping each other make better travel dialysis decisions.

  • If you’ve travelled, please register and add your Dialysis Unit ratings.
  • If you are looking to travel, search for the unit where you would like to dialyse and check it out.

There are no fees (if you are on dialysis, you’ve already paid enough).

Hopefully, as it grows it will be our travel checkpoint: used by dialysis patients on the move, owned and managed by dialysis patients on the move.

Have a great trip.

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