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We just received this offer from Petroulias Vasileios, Manager of McQueen Hotel, 24, Kastorias, Street, Athens Votanikos, 10447. It looks pretty good, with tours and transfers built around dialysis.

Offer only for your members that wish to travel in Greece

Our company is designed to organise vacations for those on dialysis who wish to travel to Greece.

You can see what we offer at this Link to Mc Queen Hotel:
We offer a 15% discount to Travel Dialysis Review members.
Call us for more details at +30 213 0088 088 or send us an email to or
Worth a look!
UPDATE #1: Iolaire McFadden from Facebook Group Dialysis Traveller commented that: The Mc Queen Hotel that has 4+ of 5 stars on most booking sites, so that is good. The reviews rate the staff highly.
I think it’s great when people try to help set up and market hotels as friendly to dialysis patients. (- Greg: so do I!)
Did they offer any details on the costs for this coordination costs?
UPDATE #2:  I have contacted the Manager and asked for some indicative costs. Here is their response:

Dear Greg, Thank you very much for your quick response.

Below you will find the links to both our Hotel site and the Tours site with any details you may need.

As far as The Dialysis Services Price List is concerned, we will send you the detailed catalog from all the Cooperating Companies that offer the Dialysis Services, which are collaborating with all the major Insurance Providers.
Thank you and we remain at your disposal.
Mc Queen Hotel
UPDATE #3: Dialysis Price List for holiday in Greece
From the Mc Queen Hotel
Dear TravelDialysisReview,
The price list for dialysis : 

A) For the people with the European Insurance Card there is no cost.

B) For dialysis service with no insurance cover, the prices are as below :
  • 200 euro  for HD/Simple Dialysis
  • 250 euro for HDF/Dialysis
Our prices will include a discount for bigger groups of travellers. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.
Petroulias Vasilios
Mc Queen Hotel

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