How much does it cost for private dialysis in Australia?

August 25, 2018 - Posted by

Dick asked about the cost of private dialysis in Australia:
Hi there. You used a Private Hospital for dialysing, what was the cost, did Medicare pay for the treatment?
I’m planning to visit Port Douglas. I normally dialyse at a Sydney public hospital.

My response: 
Hi Dick. Most private dialysis units charge between A$200 and A$300 per treatment (sometimes negotiable!). This cost is usually covered by the patient’s health insurance.

There are no public or private dialysis units at Port Douglas (except for a publically-operated Home (do it yourself) Unit). The closest public and private units are in Cairns (about 1 hr away). I have found that the public unit (at Cairns Base Hospital) is too busy to take visitors, so the only choice is the Private Unit, at Cairns Private Hospital (

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