Impressive new holiday booking service for dialysis travelers!

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New holiday booking service,, wrote to me recently, to introduce their service, and it looks great.

For those of you who missed its release, here are the details.

It’s all pretty simple and easy to use: Booking dialysis is a lot like booking a hotel on

First, you choose your type of dialysis – HD or HDF.

Then select a country, town or dialysis clinic (there are 25 clinics in Spain, so I’m looking specifically for Seville).



Nominate the dates you are on holiday and click Search

Review the clinic(s)s displayed based on your availability and budget. Once you find a clinic at a price that suits, click Reserve to go to the reservation page.


Click reserve again to proceed with the booking process (you need to log in first).

Once booked, the dialysis clinic guarantees the services on the days booked.

Diaverum clinics seem to be the best-priced in Europe.

What I also find attractive is that there are no fees for patients using the service. BookNowMed makes its money by charging the Dialysis Clinic operator for finding and processing the booking on their behalf. BookNowMed is based in Europe (in Serbia).

They boast some significant numbers:

It’s quite fun checking out their coverage.  Most of the countries listed are in Europe, with a smattering of others, but their reach seems to be growing all the time.

To find a clinic in a country, select the dialysis type, then type the country name first. For example, if you type Spain, you’ll see 25 clinics listed; 16 for the UK, one clinic (Palm Beach) for the US. South America seems well covered, a few in Africa, but nil in China, most of Asia, Australia or New Zealand.

One of the dialysis clinics featured in this blog, Irish Holiday Dialysis in Ireland is listed.

Nevertheless, covering 39 countries is pretty impressive, and I will certainly start my clinic search with BookNowMed for my new trip abroad.

Check it out for yourself next time you are planning to get away.


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