Rosebud Dialysis Unit wins award for their fantastic holiday patient program

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Guest post from the Peninsula Health website.

For more than a decade, Rosebud Dialysis Unit has been caring for holiday patients, so people living with kidney disease can have a trip away and still dialyse.

The Unit was awarded an Honorary Life Membership by the Dialysis and Transplant Association of Victoria (DATA) on 13 November, to recognise the service they provide to holiday patients.

“Dialysis is very restrictive – people can only go two days without it so to be able to go away is a big adventure,” says Andrea Sutton, Nurse Unit Manager, Rosebud Dialysis and Chemotherapy Unit.

“We are very honoured to be recognised by DATA. We work very well together to organise dialysis for different holiday patients who deserve a break.”

Every year, Rosebud Dialysis Unit has around 70 holiday patients and 32 regular patients. The nine-chair Unit has one chair especially for holiday patients every shift. It is booked solidly and has a waiting list for the upcoming summer.

Rosebud Staff and Cheryl, Holiday Patient

Holiday patient Cheryl with DATA committee members and Rosebud Dialysis Unit staff

DATA president Sue Hatzimichalis says they decided to give the award to Rosebud Dialysis Unit to recognise the absolutely fantastic service they provide, to help DATA members.

“It’s not easy to just go on holidays for people who need dialysis – some hospitals don’t have a holiday chair,” explains Sue.

“Needing dialysis cripples family socialising – restricting outings on three days every week. When members come and stay at the DATA house in Rosebud, they can book in to dialyse and it gives the person and their carer a break.”

Holiday patient Cheryl Webb, who lives in Epping, has come to Rosebud for a getaway, staying at the DATA house and is having dialysis at Rosebud Hospital.

“I love travelling and it’s just great that this gives us somewhere to go,” says Cheryl.

“All the nurses at Rosebud do a great job.”

Dialysis is a substitute for many of the normal functions of the kidneys and allows patients with kidney failure a chance to live a productive life. Peninsula Health has a Dialysis Unit at both Frankston and Rosebud Hospital.

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