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An unexpected delight 🙂


Irish Holiday Dialysis

Going to Ireland for the very first time, a dialysis patient like me would like to be admitted to one of the hospitals near where I was staying in…

Reviewed By: Dantrala

Excellent care, but a little tired


Lewisham Clinic – Diaverum
United Kingdom

The care was excellent and both staff and patients were very friendly. When I was there, the unit itself was a little run down, though I understand it…

Reviewed By: gregcollette

Excellent holiday unit in the middle of the goldfields


Bendigo Dialysis Unit

A new unit, with very friendly, welcoming staff. Easy to get the session time I needed. No delays; calm and professional. Perfect location for a…

Reviewed By: gregcollette

Stirling Dialysis


Stirling Dialysis Clinic – Fresenius

I used this unit while my daughter had a hockey tournament. It took my unit ages to get an answer back and I realised why when I got there. This is…

Reviewed By: LReeves

Bush view


Noosa Heads Private Dialysis Unit – Ramsay Health

I loved my time here at the Noosa Unit. You could see out of the windows while you were in the chair which is much nicer than looking at walls. It…

Reviewed By: LReeves

First time away from my regular unit


Warrnambool Base Hospital Renal unit

This was the first unit I travelled to after starting dialysis. I was very nervous to let someone needle my new fistula (I only trusted my unit…

Reviewed By: LReeves

Greek Islands

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Hi, I’m Greg Collette and I write the BigDandMe blog, about living with dialysis from the recipients’ viewpoint –  yours and mine.

Of all the things we fear when we start dialysis, our loss of freedom to travel where and when we like, is usually at the top of the list.

But the news on that score is good.

After 21 years off and on dialysis, I’ve learned from experience that travel can absolutely be an integral part of a dialysis patient’s life.

Maybe 20 years ago, it was a little radical to travel across the world. But now, not only to patients expect to travel, so too do dialysis clinicians promote travel as an important part of each dialysis patient’s life.

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