Reporting Guidelines

1st December 2017

What content should you report?

We always welcome and are greatly appreciative of community input, both from our reviewers. This is what makes TravelDialysisReview such a great source of genuine and trustworthy consumer opinions. Our new project is 30 freispiele ohne einzahlung 2020.

If you see content that is inconsistent with TravelDialysisReview’s Terms of Use and Posting Guidelines, please report it by using the flag icon underneath the piece of content.

There are several forms of content that you should report. These include:
  • The review contains personal details
  • This includes names of employees, the reviewer’s full name, email addresses and postal details
  • The review contains personal attacks, swearing, and vilifying comments Reviews that contain personal attacks against staff and other reviewers should be reported. Reviews that contain offensive language and comments that can be considered vilifying should also be reported
  • The review has been published on the wrong unit or service
  • If the review has been posted on the wrong listing, our internal content team can move it to the correct listing
  • The reviewer did not use the service.  If the reviewer did not use the service at all. Please note that the review may still be deemed valid if the reviewer has used a part of the service. i.e. the reviewer has experienced the pre-sale aspects of a service
  • A number of reviews that are overly positive or contain ‘marketing speak’
  • If it feels like there is a strange pattern in positive reviews report this so our content team to look into this further
  • The reviewer is affiliated with the listing
  • If it’s obvious from the content that reviewer is somehow affiliated with the company or product please report this.

There are several forms of content that you should not report. These include:
  • Claiming that our member’s username does not match-up in your customer database
  • The reviewer is not being factually accurate or has stated several mistruths in their review
  • TravelDialysisReview cannot act as a finder of facts and as such does not arbitrate or referee factual disputes. We recommend responding to the review stating your side of the story
  • A reviewer has only submitted one review
  • This is not an uncommon pattern with reviewers and is insufficient evidence and does not constitute that a review is fake
  • A number of reviews that are overly positive or contain ‘marketing speak’
  • The reviewer has not responded
  • The reviewer is affiliated with the listing
  • Some users choose not to respond to Unit Managers, this can happen for a number of valid reasons and does not mean that the reviewer is not a genuine customer. However, a well- written response shows that you are proactive in finding a solution. In many cases, a good response to a negative review promotes consumer trust more so than positive reviews and is great for your Unit’s image.

Please note that our content team reserves the right to final decision to any submitted reports. You can read more on this right below.

Why was the review I reported not removed?

We understand why units may find negative reviews unfavourable. However, provided that the review meets our Posting Guidelines, simply disagreeing with a review does not necessitate its removal. TravelDialysisReview does not endorse nor make judgements on the factual validity of reviews.

We hope you can understand as a publishing platform we don’t take sides and our main goal is to make sure the review is a genuinely held opinion. Instead, we provide you the opportunity to give your side of the story by responding to a review.

The ACCC also states that the omission of reviews can be misleading:

“While it is clearly inappropriate for review platforms to remove negative reviews simply because a reviewed business makes a complaint, review platforms should be responsive to business concerns and react swiftly if evidence suggests that a review does not reflect a genuinely held opinion.”