Irish Holiday Dialysis

Cork, Ireland

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address Shronebeha
Co Cork, P51 N2R0
phone + 353 87 356 9061
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Independant Clinic

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Private nurse run centre

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Bank Transfer

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Irish Holiday Dialysis (IHD) was founded in 2017 specifically to cater for holiday visitors to Ireland. Dialysis is provided in a 200-year-old traditional Irish cottage with beautiful countryside views, making treatment a pleasant part of the holiday experience. With just 2 dialysis chairs, patients are assured of a stress-free, friendly and personal service. This is a nurse-run private clinic accepting medically stable patients, families and travelling companions are also welcome. Dialysis times can be flexible to suit your needs as required. Food and drinks are provided and we are close to major transport links.


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"Wonderful experience"


Reviewed: 12/05/19

I’m just completing a week’s holiday in the beautiful Dingle Peninsula- I couldn’t have done it without receiving my three five hour dialysis sessions at the Irish Holiday Dialysis centre. The centre is modern, fully equipped with two units. Very comfortable with highly professional renal nurses. Barbara and Eileen were very sensitive to my every need during the sessions. Brian, Eileen’s husband is the chief cook and bottle washer, he provided the lunches, tea and coffee on demand. It was very reassuring to know that the machines were fully maintained at all times, with John, Barbara’s husband the fully qualified maintenance engineer conducting extensive service on the spare machine whilst I was being treated. Barbara and John kindly transported me back and forth to the unit as they lived very close to my holiday accommodation- so I arrived at the unit relaxed, I was welcomed into the residence with freshly ground coffee prior to being put on the machine. In a touching gesture, the staff presented me with a birthday gâteau having noticed it was my birthday next week. Impressive attention to detail. I’ll definitely be back again.

Comfort Quality of Care



Cleanliness Ease of Booking




Dublin, Ireland

"An unexpected delight :)"


Reviewed: 07/03/19

Going to Ireland for the very first time, a dialysis patient like me would like to be admitted to one of the hospitals near where I was staying in Dublin. The very strict requirements for tests rendered it impossible because one test was not even available in Hong Kong where I am currently living. I was requested to pay 20 euros upon arrival to have the missing Hepatitis C test if I chose to be admitted. On browsing alternatives, I found the Holiday Dialysis Centre, which is the only one for holiday dialysis patients in the whole of Ireland. The trouble; however, was that the distance from Dublin is at least two and a half hours by train. I opted for this option so as to complete my journey to Dublin, despite the distance. What transpired actually became the highlight of the trip. For the train ride was a pure delight, whilst the family of four spent idle time by playing scrabble and exploring the beautiful countryside. We were met at the train station at Banteer and taken to the nurse's private residence, complete with home grown vegetables and assortment of animals in a small farm. The owner Mrs Eileen Phelan has her clinic in one of the rooms in the house for a maximum of two patients. Her husband Brian was kind enough to make a delicious lunch for me and my whole family. Both the chair and the machine were located near a picturesque window where I could see greenery, the clear sky and dogs, chickens and a horse playing in the garden. After a five-hour session, we took photos, whilst Brian kindly made more sandwiches for our return journey to Dublin as he knew we would arrive too late to grab any dinner. Thus, a whole day was spent on travelling to the countryside and to have a five-hour haemodialysis session, which was so unique in setting, in the comfort of a private residence and hospitality beyond what you could imagine. While Dublin has so many historical sites to visit, I still consider this home away from home experience as most memorable and I would recommend any dialysis patient to choose Eileen's country facility. For a very different treatment that was professional, experienced, intimate and above all genuinely sincere, go to the Irish Holiday Dialysis Centre when you visit Ireland.

Comfort Quality of Care



Cleanliness Ease of Booking



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